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'Brothers In Alms' Wins Award + 'The Chosen' Update + New Short Film Announcement

It's been a while since our last update but we like to think we've been keeping ourselves busy. A few exciting developments from VP:

Our short documentary, Brothers In Alms, produced for the 2017 Lights! Canberra! Action! festival has picked up the Best Cinematography award in the Canberra Category at the Canberra Short Film Festival. Congratulations to Luke Patterson and a shout out to Glen Ryan and James van der Moezel who shot the B-Cam footage.

In more good news for Brothers In Alms, the film is one of a few local shorts that has been selected to screen at the Canberra International Film Festival. This will be the second year in a row that we have had a short screening at the festival and again it is a great honor. The film will be screening before the feature Westwind: Djalu's Legacy on Friday 3rd November at the Arc Cinema (NFSA).

Some more great news from afar, our short film The Chosen made for Fashfest last year has been selected to screen at the Istanbul Fashion Film Festival in November. Congratulations to all those involved!

Lastly, we said we've been busy and we have a new short film to show for it. One Small Step is finished and currently in its festival stage. More news to come but in the meantime here is the logline:

When a young man discovers he has the same terminal illness that killed his older brother as a child, he must embark on a risky mission to acquire the elixir of life which will cure his illness and potentially bring him everlasting fame.

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