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And so it is with great pleasure that I present to you a new beginning! Vorfreude Pictures (VP) will take the place of CBASS Studios in all but spirit. CBASS Studios started out as a way to express myself and explore my craft, it will now continue on in the form of another group, which I will announce shortly.

VP is a boutique film production company specialising in short films, music videos and corporate films. It will take a fresh creative approach to all projects and emphasise the collaborative nature of filmmaking.

The word Vorfreude means the joyful, intense anticipation of imagining future pleasures, which for this purpose 'pleasures' can be substituted with 'stories'. It's a German word that has been adopted for the English vocabulary simply because the English language does not have a word for that particular feeling.

Like this word, we will aim to create works that are inspired by that which we cannot describe in our language but belongs to the ethereal and the eternal. By holding onto this inspiration we can encourage all those we work with to 'imagine anything' when thinking of all the possibilities available to them.

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