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The Chosen - Fashfest Short Film #1

It was a great privilege to be selected as one of the official Fashfest Filmmakers for 2016. Not only was I able to write and produce my own film with the help of Luke Patterson directing, I also produced Micael Ortiz's short film When I Grow Up. More about that film a little later, below you can watch The Chosen:

Producing two short films at the same time came with a lot of challenges and so I enlisted the help of one of the hardest working filmmakers I know, Luke Patterson. Luke took my script and turned it into a vision worth working for. You can see his amazing storyboards below.

The film used a lot of green screen scenes and compositing, most of which was done by Luke Patterson and Ryan Caird. Having the University of Canberra provide their green screen for our use was very helpful, we also had access to the best DOP in Canberra; Robb Shaw-Velzen ACS which boosted our production quality dramatically. This film was not without its challenges (as all films are), but with such a great group of people to work with we were able to make something truly spectacular.

One last special mention must go to our dear friend Alex Henry who was the production designer on this film. This may have been Alex's last film he worked on before passing away and for us the experience to work with him one last time makes it even more special. Alex was hard working, always coming up with creative solutions to tricky problems and was just a lovable guy. His work ethic was no different on this film and it shows, he will be sorely missed as a Canberran filmmaker but more importantly as a friend and incredible individual. It is for this reason, Luke and I have chosen to dedicate this film to his memory. Thank you for everything Alex, you never gave up on us no matter how many roadblocks we threw at you. We will never forget your passion and your optimism, some of which has been captured in this film. Vale.

For more BTS photos go here.

For list of full credits go here.

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