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It's been quite the busy month here at VP with the production of two short films, one blog and a couple of corporate videos. In addition to all that I'm taking part in Screen ACT's Accelerator Pod which aims to develop low budget feature films for production in the ACT.


I was lucky enough to be selected as an official Fashfest filmmaker last month. This year there are 6 short films (one for each show) being made by 6 different filmmakers. Each show has its own theme, my idea, which I wrote and produced, was selected for the Limina show. In addition, Micael Ortiz also got selected for the Reverie show which I'm also helping to produce.

Both films have now wrapped and are in post production so we can show you more very soon, watch this space!

For more info visit the website.


The other project keeping me occupied at the moment is that of a community focus. Introducing Canberra Film Blog, a place where one can catch up with the latest and greatest news, events and reviews in the ACT. This blog not only strengthens the voice of our already diverse community but will also act as a platform to promote up and coming filmmakers in the region. You can check it out here.


I may have a full slate with my creative projects but a man needs to eat and so I'm happily freelancing for this great local company run by Josh Mulrine. DCS really knows how to communicate a client's message and I look forward to seeing what other great content we can produce together.

For more info visit the website.

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