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'Bus Trip' Wrapped + 'Red Pill' Update

The elves behind the scenes have been busy recently and we have a few things to show for it. First, the exciting news of our short film Bus Trip which has wrapped and been released. The logline is as follows: When Peter is confronted by injustice he must find the courage to stand up for himself and those around him by using his given abilities.

The film was completed in late May and has been accepted into the annual Focus On Ability Film Festival which highlights the ability of people with disabilities. Although the voting period is now over, you can watch our entry and a few other films here. Congratulations to all cast and crew who took part but especially Peter Rosini, our lead, who did a fantastic job.

Cast and crew of 'Bus Trip'.

Director Sebastian Chan with lead actor Peter Rosini.

The other exciting news we have to offer is that the project formally known as Red Pill will now be known as Open Heart Therapy. This was one of the many changes the project underwent during the initial writers room earlier this year. The project has received modest interest from a streaming service, among others, but still has quite some development work to go before it reaches production. Hence, an additional set of writers rooms to take place later this year. Watch this space!

'Open Heart Therapy' Writers Room.

Concept poster.

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