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Screen Canberra's 'Developer Pod' + Two New Tropfest Films

Happy New Year to all our readers, 2019 is set to be bigger and better than ever before! Sebastian Chan has kept himself more than busy over the holiday period with a number of productions and development initiatives. The latter involves being selected as one of twelve official 'Script Developers' for Screen Canberra's 2018/2019 Accelerator Pod.

Each developer receives formal training over a 12 month period from script guru Karel Segers in order to become a fully fledged practitioner. Each developer also plays a crucial role in working with a small group of writers within the Accelerator Pod to help bring their concepts to a market ready pitch and script. This year's Accelerator Pod promises to offer a lot more opportunity than previous years as there will be a number of sales agents and distributors participants can pitch to.

The last month has also seen two new short film productions made for the Tropfest deadline. My Butterflies written & directed by Joshua Koske and Oran Yota is a comic drama that explores the life of a young man and his struggle to keep the flame of love alive. The second, Remarkable, written & directed by Declan Shrubb and David Trajanoski is a dark sci-fi exploring a remarkable boy's discovery of what it means to be human. Both films had an amazing cast and crew and will start their festival circuit shortly. Stay tuned!

On the set of 'My Butterflies' with director Joshua Koske. Photo: George Tsotsos

On the set of 'Remarkable' with director Declan Shrubb. Photo: David Trajanoski

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